Please note, as of September 2022, we are undertaking a review of our website's accessibility, with a view to achieve AAA accessibility in future. 

MarLIN is committed to creating web-based resources that are accessible to all users. In order to achieve this MarLIN will make reasonable adjustments to all new sites and ensure that they conform to a minimum of W3C standards for HTML/XHTML and CSS and to WCAG Level 2 and Bobby AA accessibility standards.

All our pages are designed and checked to be accessible to the widest audience possible. To allow our users a rich experience when using the MarLIN website we utilise Javascript and CSS. The website is designed so that users who have either or both of these technologies disabled are still able to use all of our offerings.

All content is checked and signed off before being published to ensure that the wording and language used is correct and understandable the largest possible audience. As a large part of our content contains specific scientific terms we have provided a glossary to enable users to research words they do not understand.

More information on accessibility guidelines is available from the W3C website