UK Marine habitat classification (22.04) list

The Marine Habitat Classification for Britain and Ireland (Connor et al., 2004; Parry et al., 2015; JNCC, 2022) is based on the empirical analysis of benthic survey data, scientific literature, and consultation with marine experts. It describes the majority of the marine benthic habitats around the coasts and seas of Britain and Ireland. 

Available MarLIN information on habitats is listed below using the Marine Habitat Classification (v22.04) hierarchy.

[show more]LR - Littoral rock (and other hard substrata)
[show more]LR.HLR - High energy littoral rock
[show more]LR.MLR - Moderate energy littoral rock
[show more]LR.LLR - Low energy littoral rock
[show more]LR.FLR - Features of littoral rock
[show more]LS - Littoral sediment
[show more]LS.LCS - Littoral coarse sediment
[show more]LS.LSa - Littoral sand
[show more]LS.LMu - Littoral mud
[show more]LS.LMx - Littoral mixed sediment
[show more]LS.LMp - Littoral macrophyte-dominated sediment
[show more]LS.LBR - Littoral biogenic reefs
[show more]IR - Infralittoral rock (and other hard substrata)
[show more]IR.HIR - High energy infralittoral rock
[show more]IR.MIR - Moderate energy infralittoral rock
[show more]IR.LIR - Low energy infralittoral rock
[show more]IR.FIR - Features of infralittoral rock
[show more]CR - Circalittoral rock (and other hard substrata)
[show more]CR.HCR - High energy circalittoral rock
[show more]CR.MCR - Moderate energy circalittoral rock
[show more]CR.LCR - Low energy circalittoral rock
[show more]CR.FCR - Features of circalittoral rock
[show more]SS - Sublittoral sediment
[show more]SS.SCS - Sublittoral coarse sediment (unstable cobbles and pebbles, gravels and coarse sands)
[show more]SS.SSa - Sublittoral sands and muddy sands
[show more]SS.SMu - Sublittoral cohesive mud and sandy mud communities
[show more]SS.SMx - Sublittoral mixed sediment
[show more]SS.SMp - Sublittoral macrophyte-dominated communities on sediments
[show more]SS.SBR - Sublittoral biogenic reefs on sediment
[show more]M.AtUB - Atlantic upper bathyal
[show more]M.AtUB.Ro - Atlantic upper bathyal rock and other hard substrata
[show more]M.AtUB.Co - Atlantic upper bathyal coarse sediment
[show more]M.AtUB.Sa - Atlantic upper bathyal sand
[show more]M.AtUB.Mu - Atlantic upper bathyal mud
[show more]M.AtUB.Bi - Atlantic upper bathyal biogenic structure
[show more]M.AtMB - Atlantic mid bathyal
[show more]M.AtMB.Ro - Atlantic mid bathyal rock and other hard substrata
[show more]M.AtMB.Co - Atlantic mid bathyal coarse sediment
[show more]M.AtMB.Sa - Atlantic mid bathyal sand
[show more]M.AtMB.Mu - Atlantic mid bathyal mud
[show more]M.AtMB.Mx - Atlantic mid bathyal mixed sediment
[show more]M.AtMB.Bi - Atlantic mid bathyal biogenic structure
[show more]M.AtLB - Atlantic lower bathyal
[show more]M.AtLB.Ro - Atlantic lower bathyal rock and other hard substrata
[show more]M.AtLB.Co - Atlantic lower bathyal coarse sediment
[show more]M.AtLB.Sa - Atlantic lower bathyal sand
[show more]M.AtLB.Mu - Atlantic lower bathyal mud
[show more]M.AtLB.Mx - Atlantic lower bathyal mixed sediment
[show more]M.AtLB.Bi - Atlantic lower bathyal biogenic structure
[show more]M.AtUA - Atlantic upper abyssal
[show more]M.AtUA.Mu - Atlantic upper abyssal mud
[show more]M.AAUB - Atlanto-Arctic upper bathyal
[show more]M.AAUB.Co - Atlanto-Arctic upper bathyal coarse sediment
[show more]M.AAUB.Mx - Atlanto-Arctic upper bathyal mixed sediment
[show more]M.ArMB - Arctic mid bathyal
[show more]M.ArMB.Ro - Arctic mid bathyal rock and other hard substrata