Sensitivity of selected habitats

Search the MarESA database for the sensitivities of specified habitats (biotopes). Use this tool to compare the sensitivity of one or more habitats (biotopes).

Please select one or more habitats from the list provided. Alternatively type keywords (e.g. species name, habitat name). Click the box to add further habitats. Then chose the level(s) of 'sensitivity' of interest and run the report. Select or deselect habitats (biotopes) and sensitivities as required and re-run the report. Note the results of the report can be exported in different formats on requestMobile users should note this tool works best in landscape.


Select Habitat(s)

Use the field below to search for the item(s) you require. Select the item from the filtered dropdown list and click the Add button to add the item to your list of selections below. You can add more than one item to the list and you can remove them.

Sensitivity rank (Select all of interest)