BIOTIC Species Information for Pomatoschistus minutus
Researched byKaren Riley Data supplied byMarLIN
Refereed byDr Angus Jackson
Scientific namePomatoschistus minutus Common nameSand goby
MCS CodeZG479 Recent SynonymsNone

PhylumChordata SubphylumVertebrata
SuperclassGnathostomata ClassOsteichthyes
SubclassTeleostei OrderPerciformes
Suborder FamilyGobiidae
GenusPomatoschistus Speciesminutus

Additional InformationPomatoschistus minutus is a very abundant fish which is present along all British and Irish coasts. Its distribution extends from the eastern Atlantic (Tromso, Norway) to the Mediterranean and to areas of the Baltic Sea. Pomatoschistus minutus is a spawning and thermal migratory species. It is usually found on sandy or muddy bottoms to a depth of about 20 m, but may occur up to 60-70 m depths.

Pomatoschistus minutus is sometimes considered to form a species complex with Pomatoschistus norvegicus and Pomatoschistus lozanoi. Pomatoschistus lozanoi is morphologically intermediate between the other forms and may interbreed with them in the wild (Webb, 1980). However, evidence suggests that back-crossing of the resultant hybrids does not occur and Pomatoschistus lozanoi is genetically distinct from the other forms (Webb, 1980).

Taxonomy References Howson & Picton, 1997, Fish & Fish, 1996, Hayward et al., 1996, Campbell, 1994, Froese & Pauly, 2000(e), Webb, 1980,
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