About MarLIN

'The Marine Life Information Network - MarLIN' is an initiative of the Marine Biological Association of the UK (MBA). MarLIN pioneered the use of the Web for the dissemination of quality assured information on the marine biodiversity of the coasts and seas of the British Isles.

MarLIN provides information to support marine environmental management, conservation, and planning. Our resources are based on available scientific evidence and designed for all stakeholders, from government agencies and industry to naturalists and the public. MarLIN hosts the largest review of the effects of human activities and natural events on marine species and habitats yet undertaken, in the form of extensive 'sensitivity' reviews.

Acknowledgments (MarLIN v2.1)

The MarLIN website is hosted by the MBA. The MarLIN website 2015 (MarLIN v2.1) is powered by MySQL and PHP, via a bespoke content management system (CMS) in FUEL CMS, and uses the Designmodo Flat UI Pro template.

Project manager and acting editor  - Harvey Tyler-Walters - responsible for supervision of the sensitivity review process, quality control, editorial control, additional material, information architecture and content management of the site.

Technical lead - Dan Lear - responsible for the network infrastructure and databases.

Website development - Fear of Mice (www.fearofmice.co.uk) - responsible for the rebuild and maintenance of MarLIN databases, design, and build of the FUEL CMS, build, design and coding of the website (MarLIN v2.1).

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