BIOTIC Species Information for Alaria esculenta
Researched byDr Harvey Tyler-Walters Data supplied byMarLIN
Refereed byDr Stefan Kraan
Scientific nameAlaria esculenta Common nameDabberlocks
MCS CodeZR341 Recent SynonymsAlaria platyrhiza

PhylumChromophycota Subphylum
Superclass ClassPhaeophyceae
Subclass OrderLaminariales
Suborder FamilyAlariaceae
GenusAlaria Speciesesculenta

Additional InformationOther common names include wing kelp, honeyware, edible fucus, and bladder locks in England; dabberlocks and keys in Scotland; and murlins, ribini, and Cupog nag Cloc in Ireland (Guiry 2000). The species name Alaria esculenta literally means 'edible wings'. This species was originally described as Fucus esculentus Linnaeus, 1767. The class Phaeophyceae may alternatively be classified in the Phylum Heterokontophyta ( Hoek van den et al. 1995).

Alaria (Phaeophyceae, Alariaceae) is a common genus of kelps in the northern hemisphere. Fourteen species are currently recognised of which three (Alaria esculenta (L.) Greville, Alaria pylaii (Bory de Saint-Vincent) Greville, and Alaria grandifolia J. Agardh) are reported for the cold -temperate North Atlantic Ocean. Alaria esculenta, the type species described originally from the North Atlantic, exhibits a range of biogeographically correlated morphotypes suggesting the possibility of multiple specific or intraspecific entities or hybrids (Kraan pers. comm.; Kraan & Guiry 2000 in press). A key to the species of the genus Alaria is given by Widdowson (1971).

Taxonomy References Hiscock, 1979, Hayward et al., 1996, Birkett et al., 1998b, Lüning, 1990, Guiry, 2000, Kraan & Guiry, 2000, Hoek van den et al., 1995, Widdowson, 1971,
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