BIOTIC Species Information for Littorina littorea
Researched byAngus Jackson Data supplied byMarLIN
Refereed byDr David Reid
Scientific nameLittorina littorea Common nameCommon periwinkle
MCS CodeW296 Recent SynonymsNone

PhylumMollusca Subphylum
Superclass ClassGastropoda
SubclassProsobranchia OrderMesogastropoda
Suborder FamilyLittorinidae
GenusLittorina Specieslittorea

Additional InformationAlso commonly known as the 'edible periwinkle'. Young animals with spiral ridges may be confused with Littorina saxatilis. During the breeding season males are easily distinguished by the presence of a penis on the right hand side of the body.
The taxonomy of the Gastropoda has been recently revised (see Ponder & Lindberg 1997, and Taylor 1996). Ponder & Lindberg (1997) suggest that Mesogastropoda should be included in a monophyletic clade, the Caenogastropoda. See Reid (1996) for a comprehensive review of the systematics and evolution of Littorina littorea.
Taxonomy References Howson & Picton, 1997, Hayward et al., 1996, Campbell, 1994, Hayward & Ryland, 1995b, Graham, 1971, Fish & Fish, 1996, Rutherford, Web pages, Rosso, 1998, Fox, 1994(b), Hayes, 1926, Ponder & Lindberg, 1997, Taylor, 1996, Reid, 1996,
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