BIOTIC Species Information for Electra pilosa
Researched byDr Harvey Tyler-Walters Data supplied byMarLIN
Refereed byDr Peter J. Hayward
Scientific nameElectra pilosa Common nameA sea mat
MCS CodeY178 Recent SynonymsNone

PhylumBryozoa Subphylum
Superclass ClassGymnolaemata
Subclass OrderCheilostomatida
SuborderMalacostegina FamilyElectridae
GenusElectra Speciespilosa

Additional InformationColonies of Electra pilosa growing on erect substrata (e.g. a hydroid) may continue to grow lengthways once they have used up the available substratum, forming narrow, bilaminar fronds of zooids side by side, once described as Electra verticillata. Colonies growing on small pieces of substratum (e.g. a shell) occasionally enclose the substratum forming an unattached spherical colony, 3-7cm in diameter (Hayward & Ryland, 1998).
Taxonomy References Howson & Picton, 1997, Hayward & Ryland, 1995b, Hayward & Ryland, 1998, Ryland, 1967, Ryland, 1976, Ryland, 1970,
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