BIOTIC Species Information for Helcion pellucidum
Researched byDr Harvey Tyler-Walters Data supplied byMarLIN
Refereed byDr David McGrath
Scientific nameHelcion pellucidum Common nameBlue-rayed limpet
MCS CodeW234 Recent SynonymsPatina pellucida, Patina laevis, Helcion laevis

PhylumMollusca Subphylum
Superclass ClassGastropoda
SubclassProsobranchia OrderPatellogastropoda
Suborder FamilyPattelidae
GenusHelcion Speciespellucidum

Additional InformationSpecimens found in cavities in holdfasts develop into the laevis form (Helcion pellucidum var. laevis). The laevis form has a taller, more robust opaque shell, ledged in profile, with blue rays that alternate with reddish brown rays. The most noticeable ledge of the shell indicates the size at which the individual enters the holdfast. Weber et al. (1997) suggested that Helcion pellucidum was genetically distinct from its South African con-geners and may have arisen independently. Recent studies of morphological features (Ridgeway et al., 1998) and molecular characteristics (Koufopanou et al., 1999) suggest that Helcion pelludicum belongs to the genus Patella.
Taxonomy References Fish & Fish, 1996, Hayward & Ryland, 1995b, Weber et al., 1997, Ridgeway et al., 1998, Fretter & Graham, 1994, Koufopanou, 1999,
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