BIOTIC Species Information for Osilinus lineatus
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General Biology
Growth formTurbinate
Feeding methodHerbivore
Environmental positionEpilithic
Typical food typesMicroalgae HabitFree living
BioturbatorNot relevant FlexibilityNone (< 10 degrees)
FragilityRobust SizeSmall-medium(3-10cm)
HeightUp to 3 cm Growth RateSee additional information
Adult dispersal potential100-1000m DependencyIndependent
General Biology Additional InformationGrowth Rate
Initially rapid, Osilinus lineatus can grow up to 7-8mm in diameter between spawning and December (Fretter & Graham, 1977; Kendall et al.,1987), although the average size of newly settled animals is around 3mm (pers. obs.). Growth slows down and may stop in the first winter and every successive winter, before increasing in spring (Williams, 1965). One year post settlement, juveniles can reach 11-15mm (Fretter & Graham 1977, Fretter, 1988). Growth slows in adults when they become sexually mature but continues throughout the life of the animal.
Osilinus lineatus feeds on microscopic algae, which it grazes from rock surfaces using a brush-like radula on the tongue. Feeding is assumed to occur at night or during high water (Crothers, 2001) as no observations of feeding during daylight or at low water have been published.

Osilinus lineatus has a gill for respiration in water and a well vascularised mantle cavity which allows the animal to breathe in air (Crothers, 2001).

Osilinus lineatus detects its environment by means of two stalk eyes and a pair of sensory tentacles on the head, and three pairs of sensory tentacles on the foot.

Biology References Hawkins & Jones, 1992, Fish & Fish, 1996, Hayward et al., 1996, Crothers 2001, Desai, 1966, Fretter & Graham, 1977, Graham, 1988, Kendall et al., 1987, Williams, 1965., Williamson & Kendall, 1981,
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