BIOTIC Species Information for Corallina officinalis
Researched byDr Harvey Tyler-Walters Data supplied byMarLIN
Refereed byDr Thomas Wiedemann
Scientific nameCorallina officinalis Common nameCoral weed
MCS CodeZM204 Recent SynonymsCorallina officinalis var. flabellifera

PhylumRhodophycota Subphylum
Superclass ClassRhodophyceae
SubclassFlorideophycidae OrderCorallinales
Suborder FamilyCorallinaceae
GenusCorallina Speciesofficinalis

Additional InformationAlso known as 'Cunach Tra' or 'An Fheamainn Choirealach' in Ireland. Growth form can be variable, for example:
  • stunted specimens occur in high shore pools
  • much branched forms in the lower littoral
  • thick elongate forms in sublittoral
In Norway fronds 1-2 cm long recorded in lower littoral in contrast to 10-17 cm long fronds in pools. This variability has resulted in numerous species descriptions that are probably synonymous with Corallina officinalis (Irvine & Chamberlain 1994).
Taxonomy References Fish & Fish, 1996, Irvine & Chamberlain, 1994, Dickinson, 1963, Hiscock, 1986(b), Guiry, 2000,
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