BIOTIC Species Information for Saccorhiza polyschides
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Reproduction/Life History
Reproductive typeAlternation of generations
Developmental mechanismSpores (sexual / asexual)
Reproductive SeasonOctober to May Reproductive LocationInsufficient information
Reproductive frequencySemelparous Regeneration potential No
Life span<1 year Age at reproductive maturity<1 year
Generation time<1 year FecundityInsufficient information
Egg/propagule sizeZoospores ca 5 µm diam. Fertilization typeExternal
Larval/Juvenile dispersal potential100-1000m Larval settlement periodInsufficient information
Duration of larval stage<1 day   
Reproduction Preferences Additional Information
  • Saccorhiza polyschides has a typical Laminarian life history in which a macroscopic diploid sporophyte alternates with a microscopic haploid gametophyte.
  • The species is an annual. Sporophytes typically have a life span of less than 10 months. However, plants produced late in the season may over-winter and live for 14-16 months.
  • The base of the lamina, the stipe frills and the bulb are covered in unilocular sporangia, which produce zoospores by meiosis. Each sporangia contains 128 zoospores. The flagellated zoospores are about 5 microns in diameter and possess an eyespot which makes them strongly phototactic. The zoospores may be transported at least 200 m from the parent and they loose their flagella after 24 hrs and settle on the available substrata. 75% of the zoospores settle on the substrata with 24 hours.
  • The zoospores develop into microscopic dioecious gametophytes. Gametophytes take the form of unicellular or filamentous structures. The male gametophytes are more branched than the females and have more numerous, smaller and paler cells. These become fertile in under 10 days in optimal conditions. Male gametophytes release motile sperm that fertilize eggs of female gametophytes, the resultant zygote develops into the new sporophyte.
Reproduction References Norton, 1970, Norton & Burrows, 1969, Birkett et al., 1998(b),
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