BIOTIC Species Information for Urticina felina
Researched byAngus Jackson & Dr Keith Hiscock Data supplied byMarLIN
Refereed byProf. Daphne Fautin
Scientific nameUrticina felina Common nameDahlia anemone
MCS CodeD684 Recent SynonymsTealia felina,

PhylumCnidaria Subphylum
SuperclassAnthozoa ClassHexacorallia
Subclass OrderActiniaria
SuborderNynantheae FamilyActiniidae
GenusUrticina Speciesfelina

Additional InformationThe taxonomy and relationships of this sea anemone are in some confusion with anemones of very similar appearance and apparently reproductive biology to Urticina felina occurring on the north-west (Pacific) coast of north America. An attempt is made below to establish relationships important for using literature to support sensitivity and recoverability assessments elsewhere in this review. Stephenson (1935) identifies "Tealia (=Urticina) crassicornis" of Müller as a variety (crassicornis) of Tealia (=Urticina) felina (L.) but not the variety coriacea which is the "Tealia crassicornis" of Gosse (1860). However, Stephenson notes that, in his "var. crassicornis", the embryos develop up to a late stage in the coelenteron of the parent and later describes it as "viviparity". Since Appelöff (1900) cited in Chia & Spaulding (1972) reported that, in Europe, Tealia (=Urticina) crassicornis releases it's gametes freely into the sea (i.e. is not viviparous) and that the species they studied in the northwest USA similarly produced ova and sperm, it seems likely that their "Tealia crassicornis" has closer affinities to the British "Urticina felina" than to the species that occurs further north of the British Isles and is called "Tealia crassicornis (Müller)".
Taxonomy References Hayward et al., 1996, Solé-Cava et al., 1985, Manuel, 1988, Picton & Costello, 1998, Gosse, 1860, Chia & Spaulding, 1972., Stephenson, 1935, Howson & Picton, 1997,
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