BIOTIC Species Information for Thyasira gouldi
Researched byAngus Jackson Data supplied byMarLIN
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Reproduction/Life History
Reproductive typeGonochoristic
Developmental mechanismDirect Development
Reproductive SeasonYear round Reproductive LocationSediment surface
Reproductive frequencyAnnual protracted Regeneration potential No
Life spanInsufficient information Age at reproductive maturityInsufficient information
Generation timeInsufficient information FecundityUp to 750 eggs per spawn
Egg/propagule sizeCa 260 µm long Fertilization typeInternal
Larval/Juvenile dispersal potential<10m Larval settlement periodNot relevant
Duration of larval stageNot relevant   
Reproduction Preferences Additional InformationThe sexes are separate and fertilization probably occurs in the mantle or suprabranchial cavity. Egg development is temperature dependent being (in the laboratory) around 50 days at 10 degrees C and 37 days at 16 degrees C. There is no synchronisation of reproduction and spawning occurs throughout the year. Eggs are white, oval and about 260 microns long. Up to 750 eggs are produced with each spawning. No information is available on the mechanism of spawning or the number of spawnings per year. Fertilised eggs are 'pumped' out of the inhalant tube and being quite dense, sink down onto and stick to the sediment about 1 cm from the opening. Consequently eggs are rarely dispersed by water currents. No information is available about life span but given the known growth rate and maximum size achieved it must be at least 5-10 years.
Reproduction References Blacknell & Ansell, 1975, Blacknell & Ansell, 1974,
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