BIOTIC Species Information for Tenellia adspersa
Researched byNicola White Data supplied byMarLIN
Refereed byDr Richard S.K. Barnes
Reproduction/Life History
Reproductive typeGonochoristic
Developmental mechanismLecithotrophic
Direct Development
Reproductive SeasonInsufficient information Reproductive LocationInsufficient information
Reproductive frequencyAnnual protracted Regeneration potential No
Life span<1 year Age at reproductive maturity<1 year
Generation time<1 year Fecundity25 to 50 eggs per spawn
Egg/propagule sizeInsufficient information Fertilization typeInsufficient information
Larval/Juvenile dispersal potential10-100m Larval settlement periodInsufficient information
Duration of larval stageInsufficient information   
Reproduction Preferences Additional InformationTenellia adspersa has a subannual lifecycle with a short generation time of as little as 20 days when reared at 20 degrees C and 30 ppt on the hydroid Cordylophora lacustris. The animals may spawn 3 to 5 times a day with 25 to 50 eggs per spawn (Chester, 1996). The spawn consists of a short, curved, lozenge-shaped mass. The period from spawning to hatching lasts 4-5 days. The method of development varies with the environmental conditions. Metamorphosis normally takes place within the egg capsule, hatching as a juvenile. In animals that have been starved a switch to pelagic non-feeding or planktotrophic development has been observed.
Reproduction References Chester, 1996,
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