BIOTIC Species Information for Atrina fragilis
Researched byDr Harvey Tyler-Walters Data supplied byMarLIN
Refereed byDr Dan Minchin
General Biology
Growth formBivalved
Feeding methodActive suspension feeder
Mobility/MovementTemporary attachment
Environmental positionInfaunal
Typical food typesNo text entered HabitAttached
Bioturbator FlexibilityNone (< 10 degrees)
FragilityIntermediate SizeMedium-large(21-50cm)
HeightInsufficient information Growth Rateca 3-4 cm/year
Adult dispersal potentialVery limited (<1m) DependencyIndependent
General Biology Additional InformationAnon (1999c) suggested that growth is relatively slow (c. 3 -4 cm/year), based on annular growth rings in specimens from Valentia Bay, Ireland. Bulter et al. (1993) note that the growth of Pinna bicolor is indeterminate, rapid when small and slow after 2 years of age. Shell margin is easily damaged to produce sharp edges. These edges may cut the feet of bathers (Anon 1999c). Fan mussels rapidly repair the shell (Yonge, 1953). Fan mussel communities have been poorly studied in the UK and information is only available from the Mediterranean, South Australia and the USA. Pseudofaeces results in biodeposits that reduce the variability of nematode meiofauna in Atrina zealandica beds (Warwick et al. 1997). Pinna bicolor hosts a species rich epifauna (Kay & Keough, 1981; Ward & Young 1984). In St Joseph Bay, Florida shells of dead Atrina rigida, predated by the horse conch, provide shelter for crabs, fish and octopus and were used as 'nests' by blennies, clingfish and toadfish (Kuhmann 1997)
Biology References Tebble, 1976, Anonymous, 1999(c), Yonge, 1953, Butler et al., 1993, Ward & Young, 1983, Warwick et al., 1997, Kay & Keough, 1981, Kuhlmann, 1997,
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