BIOTIC Species Information for Neopentadactyla mixta
Researched byAngus Jackson Data supplied byMarLIN
Refereed byDr Andrew C. Campbell
General Biology
Growth formCylindrical
Feeding methodPassive suspension feeder
Environmental positionInfaunal
Typical food typesSeston HabitBurrow dwelling
Bioturbator FlexibilityHigh (>45 degrees)
FragilityFragile SizeMedium-large(21-50cm)
HeightInsufficient information Growth RateInsufficient information
Adult dispersal potential10-100m DependencyIndependent
General Biology Additional Information
  • In suitable habitat, densities have been recorded as high as 400 per square metre. In 1973, the population in Kilkieran Bay appeared to be increasing.
  • Most sea cucumbers are gonochoristic although some species are hermaphrodite.
  • The values for length apply to body length excluding the tentacular crown. When extended, the tentacular crown can be up to a quarter of the body length and have a spread of 140 square cm. The gravel sea cucumber is an infaunal burrower and is only visible when the tentacles are projected above the surface. The body is generally held in a u-shape within the sediment with the tentacles held in the water column and the terminal anus just at the surface.
  • Food particles are trapped using special adhesive areas at the tips of the tentacles. To ingest food, a tentacle is inserted into the mouth, the buccal membrane constricts and the tentacle withdrawn, scraping off any adherent food particles.
  • Melanella alba, a eulimid gastropod is a temporary ectoparasite on Neopentadactyla mixta, piercing the skin and feeding on the internal organs.
Biology References Mortensen, 1927, Smith, 1983, Smith & Keegan, 1984, Konnecker & Keegan, 1973, Smith, 1984, Hansen & McKenzie, 1991,
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