BIOTIC Species Information for Cladophora rupestris
Researched byGeorgina Budd Data supplied byMarLIN
Refereed byDr Fabio Rindi
Reproduction/Life History
Reproductive typeAlternation of generations
Developmental mechanismSpores (sexual / asexual)
Reproductive SeasonMost of the year Reproductive LocationWater column
Reproductive frequencyAnnual protracted Regeneration potential No
Life spanInsufficient information Age at reproductive maturityInsufficient information
Generation time<1 year FecundityNot relevant
Egg/propagule sizeNot relevant Fertilization typeExternal
Larval/Juvenile dispersal potential>10km Larval settlement periodNot relevant
Duration of larval stageInsufficient information   
Reproduction Preferences Additional InformationInformation on the ecology of reproduction and propagation of the genus Cladophora is limited. Reproduction is achieved by the release of quadriflagellate zoospores and biflagellate isogametes formed in the terminal cells of fronds. The life history consists of an isomorphic (indistinguishable except for the type of reproductive bodies produced) alternation of gametophyte and sporophyte generations, the plants are dioecious (Burrows, 1991). Both zoospores and gametes can be found at most times of the year. Archer (1963, cited in Burrows, 1991) was unable to find any correlation between the time of reproduction, the state of tide or environmental conditions. Most species of Cladophora attach to the substratum by multicellular, branching rhizoids (van den Hoek, 1982). These basal holdfasts may serve as resistant structures from which new growths can arise.
Reproduction References Burrows, 1991, Dodds & Gudder, 1992, Archer, 1963, Hoek van den, 1982,
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