BIOTIC Species Information for Corophium volutator
Researched byKen Neal & Penny Avant Data supplied byMarLIN
Refereed byThis information is not refereed.
Distribution and Habitat
Distribution in Britain & IrelandWidely distributed on all coasts of Britain. Widely separated records in Ireland.
Global distributionNorth Atlantic, American and European coasts; from western Norway to the Mediterranean and the Black Sea and Azov Sea. There is also a Japanese variety, Corophium volutator orientalis (Omori & Tanaka, 1998).
Biogeographic rangeNot researched Depth rangeIntertidal
MigratoryNon-migratory / Resident   
Distribution Additional InformationThe distribution of Corophium volutator within estuaries changes with season and hydrodynamic conditions. Because of the flood tide swimming habit of Corophium volutator in certain areas (see adult general biology), it is often concentrated within creeks and embayments and all but absent from mudflats even though they are suitable habitat. In the Ythan Estuary, Corophium volutator were found to move in and out of areas depending on salinity. In the summer when freshwater input was low, Corophium volutator was much more widespread than in the winter when high rainfall reduced the interstitial salinity and made certain areas uninhabitable (McLusky, 1968). This pattern is presumably repeated in other estuaries as well.

Substratum preferencesSandy mud
Muddy sand
Physiographic preferencesEstuary
Open coast
Biological zoneUpper Eulittoral
Mid Eulittoral
Lower Eulittoral
Sublittoral Fringe
Wave exposureSheltered
Very Sheltered
Extremely Sheltered
Tidal stream strength/Water flowWeak (<1 kn)
Very Weak (negligible)
SalinityReduced (18-30 psu)
Variable (18-40 psu)
Full (30-40 psu)
Low (<18 psu)
Habitat Preferences Additional Information
Distribution References Lincoln, 1979, Fish & Fish, 1996, Hayward & Ryland, 1995b, Hayward et al., 1996, Bruce et al., 1963, Hughes & Gerdol, 1997, Omori & Tanaka, 1998, McLusky, 1968,
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