BIOTIC Species Information for Eurydice pulchra
Researched byLizzie Tyler Data supplied byUniversity of Sheffield
Refereed byThis information is not refereed.
General Biology
Growth formArticulate
Feeding methodPredator
Environmental positionInfaunal
Typical food typesOther infaunal invertebrates associated with sandy shores and dead organic material. HabitFree living
Bioturbator FlexibilityHigh (>45 degrees)
FragilityIntermediate SizeVery small(<1cm)
HeightInsufficient information Growth Rate0.3 mm/month
Adult dispersal potential1km-10km DependencyIndependent
General Biology Additional InformationFeeding
Eurydice pulchra is a highly predatory carnivore, its mouthparts are adapted for tearing and macerating animal tissue (Naylor, 1972).
Endogenous swimming rhythm
Eurydice pulchra has been shown to have an endogenously controlled circatidal rhythm cycle of swimming that is coupled to a circasemilunar pattern of emergence from the substratum (Alheit & Naylor, 1976; Jones & Naylor, 1970).
On the beach, the animals rely on the cue of increasing water agitation caused by the flood tide to swim from the sand, the endogenous component of the rhythm ensuring that they swim for up to 5-6 hours before reburying in the sand in a restricted zone between mean tide level (MTL) and high water neaps (HWN).
Eurydice pulchra swims mostly at night. Animals emerging from the sand, or washed out by turbulence during the day show photonegative behaviour and immediately bury themselves again.
Biology References Naylor, 1972, Hayward, 1994, Fish & Fish, 1996, Fish, 1970, Jones, 1970, Salvat, 1966, Jones & Naylor, 1970, Alheit & Naylor, 1976, Hayward & Ryland, 1990,
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