Flat top shell (Gibbula umbilicalis)

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Authority(da Costa, 1778)
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A small top shell, it is slightly broader, more rounded and flatter than Gibbula cineraria, it also has a large round umbilicus (a deep hole on the underside of the shell). It is dull greenish-grey in colour and has broad diagonal stripes of reddish-purple.

Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

Gibbula umbilicalis is found on western shores of the UK as far north as Scotland and on suitable shores in Ireland. It is absent from the North Sea coast and eastern English Channel.

Global distribution



Found from the upper shore into the sublittoral on sheltered rocky shores and is tolerant of emersion and brackish waters.

Depth range


Identifying features

  • Small topshell 1.6 cm high, 2.2 cm across.
  • Large round umbilicus.
  • Dull greenish grey in colour with reddish-purple broad diagonal stripes.

Additional information

A form without the umbilicus has been recorded in south-east Cornwall and south-west Devon.

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