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Needle whelk (Bittium reticulatum)

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An elongate, conical shell, up to 1 cm long, with 10-15 whorls. Strong ribs and spiral ridges interact to form rows of moderately prominent round elevations (tubercles), 4 on lower whorls, 3 on upper whorls. Whorls are a little swollen and sutures are rather deep. Aperture flared or oval and drawn out to form a short basal sinus. Oval operculum present. Shell reddish-brown to light chestnut-brown in colour, tubercles paler.

Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

Occurs in Britain mainly on southern and western coasts.

Global distribution

Widely distributed from the Lofoten Isles, Norway to the Canaries but absent from the continental shores of the North Sea and the east Channel.


On sandy and muddy shores, often with Zostera spp., and on rocks and stones, from the lower shore to depths up to 250 m.

Depth range


Identifying features

  • No tubercles present on the lowest spiral ridge of each whorl or on the basal ridges of the last whorl.
  • Aperture small, with notch at base of columella.
  • A prominent ridge across each whorl (varix) typically present.
  • Apex bulbous and twisted.

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