Kaleidoscope jellyfish (Haliclystus auricula)

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Haliclystus auricula is a funnel-shaped jellyfish up to 2-2.5 cm high with eight arms radiating from the mouth, connected near the tips by a thin membrane. It is fixed to the substratum by a stalk that is the same length as the bell. Colour varies from grey/green to red/brown. The arms are tipped by clusters of up to 100 short tentacles. The main distinguishing feature of Haliclystus auricula is the presence of kidney-shaped primary tentacles on the membrane margin, between the arms.

Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

Recorded from the Shetland Isles, Orkney, the west coasts of England, Ireland and Scotland, with isolated records from Northumberland.

Global distribution



Found on algae and seagrasses in the low intertidal and shallow sublittoral.

Depth range


Identifying features

  • The body resembles a funnel up to 2-2.5 cm in height with the stalk making up half the body length.
  • Eight equally spaced arms radiating from the mouth.
  • Eight regularly spaced clumps of tentacles at the tips of the arms around the rim of the funnel.
  • Between the tentacle clumps are kidney-shaped primary tentacles known as 'anchors'.

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