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An acorn barnacle (Balanus balanus)

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A relatively large barnacle of up to 5 cm diameter (typically around 1.5 cm). Balanus balanus has a thick greyish-white, steeply conical shell with prominent longitudinal ridges, a strongly beaked opercular valve (tergum) and a yellow opercular membrane.

Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

Widespread in United Kingdom and Irish coastal waters.

Global distribution

Balanus balanus has a boreo-arctic distribution ranging from Long Island Sound in the western Atlantic to around 80°N. B. balanus has also been recorded from the North Pacific including Alaska, British Columbia and the Okhotsk Sea.


Balanus balanus is a cold water species found between low water and 150 m, attaching to hard substrates including rocks and mussels.

Depth range


Identifying features

  • Steeply conical shell.
  • Shell wall with prominent longitudinal ridges.
  • Parietes and calcareous base porous.
  • Strongly beaked tergum.
  • Opercular membrane yellow.

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