Evidence quality and confidence (habitats)

The scale indicates an appraisal of the specificity of the information (and data) available to support the assessment of intolerance, recoverability, and hence, sensitivity.

Evidence or confidence Definition
High Assessment has been derived from sources that specifically deal with sensitivity and recoverability of a species or biotope to a particular factor. Experimental work has been done investigating the effects of such a factor.
Moderate Assessment has been derived from sources that consider the likely effects of a particular factor on a species or biotope.
Low Assessment has been derived from sources that only cover aspects of the biology of the species (or biotope) or from a general understanding of the species or biotope. No information is present regarding the effects of factors.
Very low Assessment derived by "informed judgement" where very little or no information is present at all on the species.
Not relevant No assessment of sensitivity or recoverability was made.
NB: In some cases, it is possible for limited evidence to be considered "High" for the assessment of sensitivity to a specific factor. For example, if a species is known to lack eyes (or equivalent photoreceptors) then it could confidently be considered "not sensitive" to visual disturbance and the level of evidence would be recorded as "high".