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Wednesday 4 April, 2018, by HTW

We have added another 37 biotope sensitivity reviews to the dataset. There are now 355 biotope sensitivity reviews online. The work was funded by JNCC and Natural Resources Wales, and supported by Defra, Natural England, Scottish Government, and Scottish Natural Heritage.

JNCC 0405 / NVC code EUNIS code  EUNIS name
LR.HLR.MusB.Sem.FvesR A1.1132 [Semibalanus balanoides], [Fucus vesiculosus] and red seaweeds on exposed to moderately exposed eulittoral rock
LS.LSa.MoSa A2.22 Barren or amphipod-dominated mobile sand shores
LS.LSa.MoSa.Ol A2.222 Oligochaetes in littoral mobile sand
LS.LSa.FiSa.Po.Aten A2.2312 Polychaetes and [Angulus tenuis] in littoral fine sand
LS.LMx.GvMu.HedMx A2.411 [Hediste diversicolor] in littoral gravelly muddy sand and gravelly sandy mud
LS.LMx.GvMu.HedMx.Mac A2.4111 [Hediste diversicolor] and [Macoma balthica] in littoral gravelly mud
LS.LMx.GvMu.HedMx.Scr A2.4112 [Hediste diversicolor] and [Scrobicularia plana] in littoral gravelly mud
LS.LMx.GvMu.HedMx.Str A2.4113 [Hediste diversicolor] and [Streblospio shrubsolii] in littoral gravelly sandy mud
LS.LMx.GvMu.HedMx.Cir A2.4114 [Hediste diversicolor], cirratulids and [Tubificoides] spp. in littoral gravelly sandy mud
LS.LMx.GvMu.HedMx.Cvol A2.4115 [Hediste diversicolor] and [Corophium volutator] in littoral gravelly sandy mud
LS.LBR.LMus.Myt A2.721 [Mytilus edulis] beds on littoral sediments
LS.LBR.LMus.Myt.Mx A2.7211 [Mytilus edulis] beds on littoral mixed substrata
LS.LBR.LMus.Myt.Sa A2.7212 [Mytilus edulis] beds on littoral sand
LS.LBR.LMus.Myt.Mu A2.7213 [Mytilus edulis] beds on littoral mud
IR.HIR.KFaR.FoR.Dic A3.1161 Foliose red seaweeds with dense [Dictyota dichotoma] and/or [Dictyopteris membranacea] on exposed lower infralittoral rock
IR.MIR.KR.Ldig A3.211 [Laminaria digitata] on moderately exposed sublittoral fringe rock
IR.LIR.K.Lsac A3.313 [Laminaria saccharina] on very sheltered infralittoral rock
CR.HCR.FaT.Ctub A4.112 [Tubularia indivisa] on tide-swept circalittoral rock
CR.HCR.FaT.CTub.CuSp A4.1121 [Tubularia indivisa] and cushion sponges on tide-swept turbid circalittoral bedrock
CR.HCR.DpSp.PhaAxi A4.121 [Phakellia ventilabrum] and axinellid sponges on deep, wave-exposed circalittoral rock
CR.MCR.CSab.Sspi A4.221 [Sabellaria spinulosa] encrusted circalittoral rock
CR.MCR.CSab.Sspi.ByB A4.2211 [Sabellaria spinulosa] with a bryozoan turf and barnacles on silty turbid circalittoral rock
CR.MCR.CSab.Sspi.As A4.2212 [Sabellaria spinulosa], didemnid and small ascidians on tide-swept moderately wave-exposed circalittoral rock
CR.MCR.CFaVS.CuSpH.As A4.2511 Cushion sponges, hydroids and ascidians on turbid tide-swept sheltered circalittoral rock
CR.MCR.CFaVS.CuSpH.VS A4.2512 Cushion sponges and hydroids on turbid tide-swept variable salinity sheltered circalittoral rock
CR.LCR.BrAs.NeoPro.FS A4.3141 [Neocrania anomala] and [Protanthea simplex] on very wave-sheltered circalittoral rock
CR.FCR.Cv.SpCup A4.711 Sponges, cup corals and anthozoans on shaded or overhanging circalittoral rock
SS.SSa.SSaVS.MoSaVS A5.221 Infralittoral mobile sand in variable salinity (estuaries)
SS.SSa.SSaVS.NcirMac A5.222 [Nephtys cirrosa] and [Macoma balthica] in variable salinity infralittoral mobile sand
SS.SMu.CSaMu.VirOphPmax.HAs A5.3541 [Virgularia mirabilis] and [Ophiura] spp. with [Pecten maximus], hydroids and ascidians on circalittoral sandy or shelly mud with shells or stones
SS.SMu.OMu.CapThy.Odub A5.3741 [Capitella capitata], [Thyasira] spp. and [Ophryotrocha dubia] inorganically-enriched offshore circalittoral mud or sandy mud
SS.SMx.CMx.ClloMx.Nem A5.4411 [Cerianthus lloydii] with [Nemertesia] spp. and other hydroids in circalittoral muddy mixed sediment
SS.SMp.Mrl.Pcal.R A5.5111 [Phymatolithon calcareum] maerl beds with red seaweeds in shallow infralittoral clean gravel or coarse sand
SS.SBR.SMus.ModHAs A5.623 [Modiolus modiolus] beds with fine hydroids and large solitary ascidians on very sheltered circalittoral mixed substrata
SS.SBR.SMus.ModCvar A5.624 [Modiolus modiolus] beds with [Chlamys varia], sponges, hydroids and bryozoans on slightly tide-swept very sheltered circalittoral mixed substrata
NA A5.71 Seeps and vents in sublittoral sediments
NA A5.712 Bubbling reefs in the aphotic zone