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Thursday 3 January, 2019, by HTW

We have added another 15 biotope sensitivity reviews to the dataset. There are now 370 biotope sensitivity reviews online. The work was funded by JNCC and Natural Resources Wales, and supported by Defra, Natural England, Scottish Government, and Scottish Natural Heritage.

JNCC 0405 code EUNIS code EUNIS name
LR.HLR.MusB.Cht.Cht A1.1121 [Chthamalus montagui] and [Chthamalus stellatus] on exposed upper eulittoral rock
LR.HLR.MusB.Cht.Lpyg A1.1122 [Chthamalus] spp. and [Lichina pygmaea] on steep exposed upper eulittoral rock
LR.HLR.MusB.Sem.Sem A1.1131 [Semibalanus balanoides], [Patella vulgata] and [Littorina] spp. on exposed to moderately exposed or vertical sheltered eulittoral rock
LR.HLR.FR.Coff.Coff A1.1221 [Corallina officinalis] and [Mastocarpus stellatus] on exposed to moderately exposed lower eulittoral rock
LR.HLR.FR.Coff.Puly A1.1222 [Corallina officinalis], [Himanthalia elongata] and [Patella ulyssiponensis] on very exposed lower eulittoral rock
LR.LLR.F.Fserr.FS A1.3151 [Fucus serratus] on full salinity sheltered lower eulittoral rock
LR.FLR.Rkp.Cor.Cor A1.4111 Coralline crusts and [Corallina officinalis] in shallow eulittoral rockpools
LS.LSa.MoSa.AmSco.Sco A2.2231 [Scolelepis] spp. in littoral mobile sand
LS.LSa.MoSa.AmSco.Eur A2.2232 [Eurydice pulchra] in littoral mobile sand
LS.LSa.MoSa.AmSco.Pon A2.2233 [Pontocrates arenarius] in littoral mobile sand
IR.FIR.SG.CC.BalPom A3.7161 [Balanus crenatus] and/or [Pomatoceros triqueter] with spirorbid worms and coralline crusts on severely scoured vertical infralittoral rock
SS.SMu.SMuVS.MoMu A5.324 Infralittoral fluid mobile mud
SS.SMp.Mrl.Lcor A5.513 [Lithothamnion corallioides] maerl beds on infralittoral muddy gravel
LR.FLR.Lic.Ver.B B3.1131 [Verrucaria maura] and sparse barnacles on exposed littoral fringe rock
LR.FLR.Lic.Ver.Ver B3.1132 [Verrucaria maura] on very exposed to very sheltered upper littoral fringe rock