Contaminant pressure sensitivity

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Friday 22 July, 2022, by HTW

The sensitivity assessment approach for 'contaminant pressures' (Hydrocarbons & PAHs, Transitional metals (inc. organometals and nanoparticulate metals), Synthetic compounds (inc. pesticides and pharmaceuticals), and 'Others') has been revised with further funding from the MarLIN project partners (DEARA, Defra, JNCC, Marine Scotland, Natural England, Natural Resources Wales and NatureScot). The revised approach embraces a 'weight of evidence' approach based on Rapid Evidence Assessments (REAs) of the effects of each contaminant pressure on selected species and, hence, habitats.  The approach is outlined here ( and detailed in the accompanying report. The initial 'evidence reviews' for the blue mussel Mytilus spp. and seagrass (inc. Zostera) are available for download separately.