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Common bobtail (Sepietta oweniana)

Distribution data supplied by the Ocean Biodiversity Information System (OBIS). To interrogate UK data visit the NBN Atlas.Map Help



A small cuttlefish between 35-50 cm in length, with an ovoid body shape. The dorsal pair of arms between the eyes are linked by a membrane. The fins are short and oval.

Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

Found on all British and Irish coasts

Global distribution

Northeast Atlantic; Norway (northern limit undetermined) to Morocco and the Mediterranean Sea.


Found over muddy bottoms

Depth range


Identifying features

  • Mantle blunt and bullet-shaped.
  • Fins with a slight lateral angle and pronounced anterior lobes.
  • Tentacular clubs with about 32 very minute, subequal suckers in transverse rows.

Additional information

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