Olive green wart anemone (Phellia gausapata)

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An anemone, unlikely to be confused with other sagartiids, with a fairly tall column, up to about 6 cm, and tentacles of moderate length, usually irregularly arranged, and up to about 120. Algae or encrusting animals such as bryozoans or serpulid worms are often found growing on it. It is yellowish or olive green in colouration with dark brown warts and the tentacles are dusky grey, red, brown or yellowish, usually with two whitish bands.

Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

North-east Scotland and north-west Ireland.

Global distribution



Occurs on rocky coasts to 15 m depth, usually where wave turbulence is strong. Attached to open rock faces or in pools and clefts.

Depth range


Identifying features

  • Base wider than column, firmly adherent.
  • Column tall, distinctly divided into scapus and scapulus, former with small conical or rounded tubercles and strongly adherent periderm.
  • Periderm thin but tough, horny in texture and usually deeply wrinkled.

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