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Common saltmarsh grass (Puccinellia maritima)

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A morphologically variable perennial grass, 3 -80 cm high. May form tall, erect, dense tufts or loose, spreading, prostrate turfs up to 1m in diameter. Leaves greyish green to dark green in colour, tinged with yellow, red or purple and may be stiff, flat, folded or in-rolled with hooded tips. Roots fibrous with stolons spreading but sometimes erect. Inflorescence typically grass-like, spikelets composed of 3-6 (up to 10) flowers on stiff stems 2 -25 cm tall.

Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

Common in saltmarsh habitats around the British Isles.

Global distribution

Occurs commonly in suitable habitats along the western coast of Europe, from north Norway and the Baltic Sea to Portugal, and in Iceland, the Faeroes and south Greenland.


Common on the sands, muds and loams of littoral saltmarsh up to the mean high water of neap tides but occasionally on soil filled shingle and sea cliffs, or in lochs, saline seeps, and saline drainage ditches.

Depth range


Identifying features

  • A minute membranous flap (ligule) present at base of leaf.
  • Leaf sheath rounded, smooth with a free white-pink margin.
  • Leaves with two narrow secondary furrows either side of midrib.
  • Stolons present.
  • Stomatal flaps absent on lower leaf surface.
  • Spikelet with 3-6 (up to 10) flowers with unequal glumes.
  • Lemmas (the lower petal) 2.8 -4.6mm in length.
  • Anthers large, 1.3 -2.5mm in length.

Additional information

A detailed description of Puccinellia maritima was given by Gray & Scott (1977). May be confused with red fescue Festuca rubra.

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