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Common wentletrap (Epitonium clathrus)

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A tall, narrow shell, up to 4 cm in height. Up to 15 swollen whorls with pronounced longitudinal ridges, but usually less since apical ones are lost. The aperture is rounded with a black operculum. Shell off-white to pale brown in colour, ridges lighter. Often 2 narrow spiral bands of brown on shell and sometimes a third on the last whorl. Flesh white with purple-black markings.

Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

Present on south and west coasts of Britain.

Global distribution

Widely distributed in Europe, from Norway to the Black Sea.


Found on sandy and muddy sediments, Epitonium clathrus is a sublittoral species which migrates onto the lower shore during the spring and summer to spawn.

Depth range


Identifying features

  • A very distinctive shell with up to 15 loosely wound whorls linked by thickened, flat-sided, projecting ribs.
  • Aperture with thin, flared lip, closed by a black operculum.
  • Last whorl occupies about a third of shell height.

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