Boar fish (Capros aper)

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An oval, deep bodied fish with large eyes. Maximum recorded size 30 cm, with males being smaller than females. The snout is concave and long, with a protrusible mouth forming a short tube. Dorsal spines are strong and long. Anal spines are short and thin. The pelvic fin has a strong spine with five stout soft rays but these do not extend very far beyond the 2nd anal spine. The boar fish has small scales which are rough to touch. Individuals of Capros aper from deep water of 200 m or more are a brick red colour, sometimes with yellow bars. Shallow water specimens are often yellow or straw coloured.

Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

Found off the southwest coast of Britain and Ireland.

Global distribution

East Atlantic, West Norway, West Scotland to Senegal. Also found in the Mediterranean Sea.


A demersal marine fish with a depth range of 40 to 700 m. Found mainly over rock or coral but also on sandy ground.

Depth range


Identifying features

  • Long concave snout
  • Protusible mouth forming a short tube
  • Pelvic fin has strong spine and five stout soft rays but these do not extend much beyond the 2nd anal spine
  • Deep water fish from 200 m plus are a brick red colour, sometimes with yellow bars
  • Shallow water fish often yellow or straw coloured

Additional information

The boar fish feeds on crustaceans, mainly copepods, shrimps, worms and molluscs.
Spawning in northern waters occurs between June and August.

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