Deepwater sole (Bathysolea profundicola)

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Bathysolea profundicola is an elongated pale brown sole with oval eyes and scaly eyelids. The maximum recorded size for this species is 21 cm. Both eyes are on the right side of the head. The upper eye is situated in advance of the lower eye, and the dorsal fin is above or before the eyes. The eyed side jaws are slightly arched posteriorly, while the blind side jaws are slightly shorter with a strong arch. The lips of the mouth are darkly pigmented on the eyed side. The eyed side of the body is uniformly pale brown with unpaired fins which are not markedly darker. The blind side of the body is whitish. There are 80 or more dorsal fin rays with the last usually shortened. The pelvic fins are symmetrical and short bodied with five rays.

Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

Recorded from deep water of more than 250 m, off south west Ireland.

Global distribution

Essentially an Atlantic Ocean species, also found locally in the Mediterranean Sea.


Bathysolea profundicola is a bathypelagic marine species, occuring on muddy or fine sandy bottoms of the continental slope, generally at depths of 200 to 600 m but within a depth range of 200 to 1350 m. Found in deep waters off temperate and tropical coasts of the East Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea.

Depth range


Identifying features

  • Eyed side of body uniformly pale brown, with unpaired fins not markedly darker.
  • Blind side of body whitish.
  • Last dorsal fin ray usually shortened.
  • Usually 80 or more dorsal fin rays
  • Pelvic fins symmetrical and short bodied with five rays.
  • Dark pigmentation of eyed side lips

Additional information

A commercially important species, reported to spawn throughout the year (Wheeler, 1969). Feeds mainly on polychaetes and some amphipods.

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