Seven-armed starfish (Luidia ciliaris)

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Luidia ciliaris is a large starfish, typically 40 cm across and occasionally up to 60 cm. It is red, orange-brown or yellow in colour and lighter on the underside. There are seven long arms that are a constant width along their length, tapering only at their outer end. A fringe of short white spines projects down the margins of each arm. The tube feet are long and have no suckers.

Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

Occurs around the north, west and southwest coasts of Britain and all around the Irish coast.

Global distribution

Found from the Faeroe Islands to Cape Verde and in the Mediterranean.


Found on sand, gravel, mixed sediments and rock from the lower shore to about 400 m. May partly burrow into soft sediments.

Depth range


Identifying features

  • A large starfish, typically up to 40 cm in diameter, may occasionally reach 60 cm.
  • Orange-brown or reddish in colour and lighter on the underside.
  • 7 long arms that taper only at their outer ends.
  • A conspicuous fringe of stiff, white spines projects from the margins of each arm.
  • The tube feet are long and have no suckers.

Additional information

Luidia ciliaris is a fragile species and may have arms that vary in width or length due to their regeneration.

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