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Tar lichen (Verrucaria maura)

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Verrucaria maura is a lichen that forms a thin, matt-black layer on rock surfaces that can resemble an oil stain. Reproductive bodies may be present as tiny black spots. Under magnification the surface is seen to be covered with a mesh of fine cracks that resemble dried mud.

Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

Very common on rocky shores all around the British Isles.

Global distribution

Widely distributed on the shores of northwest Europe.


Verrucaria maura is found intertidally on almost all rocky shores except where the rocks are soft and crumbly. It is usually the main constituent of the black band of lichens below a band orange lichens and extends from well above the level of high water down to the zone of mussels and barnacles. The width of the band depends on the wave and tidal exposure of the shore.

Depth range


Identifying features

  • An encrusting lichen forming a thin, matt-black coating, up to 1mm thick, on rock surfaces.
  • May cover a large area.
  • Difficult to remove from the rock.
  • The surface appears cracked under magnification.
  • Reproductive bodies, or perithecia, may be present as black dots.

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