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Parelle (Ochrolechia parella)

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Only coastal and marine records shown



A grey to buff-grey encrusting lichen with a white edge to the margin of the thallus. The thallus is thick and warted at the centre and large, growing up to 20 cm across. The thallus may show growth rings. The fruiting bodies sit on the thallus and have thick, swollen margins the same colour as the thallus. The discs of the fruiting bodies are flesh to pink in colour with a powdery surface.

Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

Recorded from all coasts of Britain and Ireland. Gaps in its recorded distribution are probably due to lack of suitable substrata.

Global distribution



Very common on hard smooth siliceous rocks, walls and, more rarely, on trees in sunlit situations. Found at the top of the supralittoral, exposed to sea spray, and further inland.

Depth range


Identifying features

  • Thallus encrusting and buff to grey in colour.
  • Thallus margin (prothallus) white.
  • Fruiting bodies with thick margins and pinkish and powdery discs.

Additional information

Up to the end of the last century, Ochrolechia parella was collected to produce the purple dye 'parelle' (Dobson, 2000).

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