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A red seaweed (Plocamium cartilagineum)

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A bright scarlet seaweed up to 30 cm in length with branching fronds. The branching occurs alternately along the fronds and becomes more frequent towards the tips. The general appearance of these seaweeds can greatly vary from very compact and closely branched to a much broader appearance with widely separated branching. The tips are incurving and ultimate branching occurs only to one side, giving a distinctive feathery or comb-like appearance.

Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

Widely distributed around Britain and Ireland.

Global distribution

NE Atlantic, Mediterranean, Pacific, Indian Ocean, Australasian Antarctica


Grows on rocks in shallow water and as an epiphyte on other seaweeds e.g. on the stipe of Laminaria hyperborea.

Depth range


Identifying features

  • Bright scarlet branching fronds.
  • Branching frequency increasing towards tips, which are incurving giving a feathery or comb-like appearance.
  • Branching on tips to one side only.

Additional information

The variety Plocamium cartilagineum uncinatum displays reflexed rather than incurved branching at tips but is less common in British Isles and more frequent in Mediterranean.

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