Spider crab (Macropodia deflexa)

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The carapace of Macropodia deflexa is shorter than in other species of Macropodia. It may grow up to 3 cm in length and is covered in smaller, more numerous tubercles than other Macropodia. The rostrum arches downwards and is approximately as long as the antennal peduncle. The basal segment of the antenna generally always bears teeth. A small lump can sometimes be found on the anterior margin of the crabs eyestalk.

Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

Macropodia deflexa is found on the south and west coast of the British Isles

Global distribution



Macropodia deflexa are commonly found on mixed sandy substratum in the shallow sublittoral or offshore amongst seaweeds or hydroids.

Depth range


Identifying features

  • Rostrum arched downwards
  • Basal segement of antenna most likely bears teeth
  • May be a small lump on anterior margin of eyestalks

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