Sea snail (Liparis liparis liparis)

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Liparis liparis is a small, clinging fish related to the lumpsucker (Cyclopteridae). They have tad-pole shaped bodies. The head is relatively large and broad compared to the elongated and tapering body. Underneath there is a rounded sucker derived from the pelvic fins. They have a single, long dorsal fin and a long anal fin. The skin of liparids is scaleless and their skin is loose, soft and slimy. The colour is a poor guide to identity, since it is variable with the habitat. The colour varies from brown to yellow, red or green.

Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

Found all round Britain and Ireland. However, they are more commonly seen off the west coasts of Scotland and Wales.

Global distribution



The sea snali is usually found in shallow water, but can extend down to 150 m. It is sometimes found in muddy and sandy areas but lives mainly amongst rocks.

Depth range


Identifying features

  • Sucker on underside.
  • Tadpole shape.
  • One long dorsal fin.
  • Dorsal and anal fin joined to tail fin.
  • Soft loose skin.

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