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Orange-striped anemone (Diadumene lineata)

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Diadumene lineata has up to 100 long tentacles arranged irregularly atop a smooth column, which is subdivided into a basal, thick-walled scaphus and a distal, thin-walled capitulum. The diameter of the column is 1-2 cm, its height is typically 1-2 cm and is coloured olive-green, with prominent orange or yellow longitudinal stripes.

Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

Commonly found on all coasts of Britain and in west and south west Ireland.

Global distribution

Found coastally along continental Europe and along Atlantic coast of N. America, from Cape Hatteras to the Bay of Fundy. Native population exists in Japan and the Pacific Ocean.


Fouls hard substrata in harbours and brackish inshore waters. Associates with mussel and oyster shells, stones and piers. Often found intertidally. May foul hulls of boats as associate of attached bivalve shells.

Depth range


Identifying features

  • 1-2 cm diameter, 1-2 cm height.
  • Column olive green with yellow or orange longitudinal stripes.
  • Up to 100 long tentacles, irregularly arranged.
  • Column smooth, divided into scapus & capitulum.
  • Acontia present.

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