A sponge (Chelonaplysilla noevus)

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Chelonaplysilla noevus is a distinctive dark purple, soft and thin encrusting sponge. It has a characteristic net-like arrangement of sand grains on its surface. The osculum (a mouth-like aperture) is wide, slightly raised and conspicuous.

Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

Records of Chelonaplysilla noevus are limited to Wales and Northern Ireland. The North Sea is its type locality.

Global distribution

Chelonaplysilla noevus is rare in western Europe with records in north west France, Italy, the Azores and Cape Verde Islands.


Chelonaplysilla noevus is commonly found on the face of steep or overhanging bedrock.

Depth range

15-115 m

Identifying features

  • Encrusting surface which is dark purple in colour.
  • Net-like arrangement of sand grains on its exterior.
  • Osculum wide and conspicuous.
  • Body is slightly contractile
  • Spicules are absent.

Additional information

Larvae of Chelonaplysilla noevus recorded from the Mediterranean (in October) were 0.5 mm long and 0.3 mm wide. They were violet to black in colour and had a posterior crown of long flagella; a lash-like appendage that protrudes from the body (Mariani et al., 2005).

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