White or bottlenosed skate (Rostroraja alba)

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The white or bottlenosed skate Leucoraja circularis is a very large skate and can grow up to 2.3 m in length. It has a dorsoventrally flattened body with eyes and spiracles at the top of the head. It has a very pointed snout. The tail starts from angular pectoral discs. Its dorsal region is grey in colour with small white spots, while the underside is white.

Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

Expected to occur off the south west coasts of Britain and Ireland.

Global distribution



The white ray is an offshore demersal species inhabiting continental shelf and slope waters with a depth range of 30-600 m. Usually found on sand and rock-sand bottoms.

Depth range


Identifying features

  • Up to 2.3 m in legth.
  • Grey upper colouring with small white spots.
  • Underside white without black pores.
  • Very pointed and narrow snout with small sharp thorns.
  • The tail is often slightly shorter than the body.
  • Upper surface is without thorns.
  • Pectoral fins have concave front margins.

Additional information

Young hatchlings are a plain reddish-brown colour on the upper side, often with blue spots, and white beneath with broad dusky grey margins on the pectoral discs (McEachran & Dunn, 1998).


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