Sea piglet (Arrhis phyllonyx)

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Arrhis phyllonyx is a compact gammarid amphipod. It has a laterally compressed but moderately cylindrical body consisting of a head with two pairs of antennae, seven thoracic segments and limbs forming a pereon and six abdominal segments and limbs forming a pleon as well as a tail with three limbs. The head has a conspicuous downturned rostrum. The eyes are more or less joined dorsally. The telson is relatively small but entire. It is pale orange in colour. Little is known about the maximum size of Arrhis phyllonyx.

Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

A generally more northern species, it has been found off the south coast of Orkney, Scotland and off northern Ireland.

Global distribution



Arrhis phyllonyx is a pelagic species thought to inhabit deep offshore waters.

Depth range


Identifying features

  • Head with conspicuous downturned rostrum.
  • Eyes joined dorsally.
  • Pereopod 7 much longer than pereopod 6.
  • Ramus of third uropod scarcely longer than peduncle.
  • Telson small and entire.

Additional information

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