Long-spined sea scorpion (Taurulus bubalis)

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Taurulus bubalis is a distinctive rocky shore fish up to 20 cm in length with a broad bony head that tapers to the tail. The eyes and mouth are very large as this species is an ambush predator. Colour is variable and they can match their surroundings with great accuracy. The head and first dorsal fin are spiny with one very long spine on the cheek.

Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

Common on all coasts of Britain and Ireland on rocky grounds, generally amongst algae.

Global distribution

From northern Norway to southern Spain, rarely in the Mediterranean.


On rocky ground, amongst algae from the intertidal to depths of 30 m.

Depth range


Identifying features

  • Two dorsal fins.
  • Large head in proportion to body.
  • Scaleless skin.
  • Barbel at the corners of the mouth.
  • Very long spine on the cheek (behind the eye and above the pectoral fin).

Additional information

May be confused with the bull rout (short-spined scorpion fish)  Myoxocephalus scorpius. The bull rout is much larger when full grown and lacks the very long cheek spine and mouth barbel. Taurulus bubalis feeds on crabs, shrimps and fish in shallow water and rockpools and will remain motionless if discovered, relying on its camouflage to avoid detection.

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