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Saithe (Pollachius virens)

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The saithe or coalfish Pollachius virens is a member of the pollack family. It can reach 1.2 m in length. It has three dorsal and two anal fins. It has a straight lateral line, which is light in colour. The back and sides are usually dusky greenish-brown in colour and the belly is silvery white. The upper and lower jaws are approximately equal in length.

Recorded distribution in Britain and Ireland

Found throughout the British Isles and Ireland. More common off the north-west coasts of Scotland and Ireland.

Global distribution



The saithe is a benthopelagic species; an active, gregarious fish occurring both inshore and offshore. It usually enters coastal waters in spring and returns to deeper waters (up to 350 m) in winter

Depth range

up to 350

Identifying features

  • Compressed body up to 1.2 m in length.
  • Dusky greenish-brown dorsal colouring, silvery white ventrally.
  • Three dorsal fins and two anal fins.
  • Straight, smooth, light-coloured lateral line.
  • Shallowly forked tail fin.
  • The chin barbel is absent.

Additional information

Saithe is a highly valued commercial species for human consumption. To maintain sustainable saithe fisheries and create a greater potential yield, the EU and Norway have agreed on a precautionary approach. The stock is now managed by annual TACs (total allowable catch) and a minimum mesh size for several types of fishing gear limits the bycatch of smaller individuals. Unlike the pollack Pollachius pollachius, it has a straight lateral line, which is light in colour.

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