Additional climate change assessments

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Wednesday 29 September, 2021, by HTW

Sensitivity assessments for climate change related pressures were added to the following biotopes by April 2021. Follow the links for further information. 

JNCC MHC biotope Biotope name EUNIS
IR.MIR.KR.LhypT.Ft Laminaria hyperborea forest, foliose red seaweeds and a diverse fauna on tide-swept upper infralittoral rock A3.2121
IR.MIR.KR.LhypT.Pk Laminaria hyperborea park with hydroids, bryozoans and sponges on tide-swept lower infralittoral rock A3.2122
IR.MIR.KR.LhypTX.Ft Laminaria hyperborea forest and foliose red seaweeds on tide-swept upper infralittoral mixed substrata A3.2131
IR.MIR.KR.LhypTX.Pk Laminaria hyperborea park and foliose red seaweeds on tide-swept lower infralittoral mixed substrata A3.2132
IR.HIR.KFaR.Ala.Myt Alaria esculenta, Mytilus edulis and coralline crusts on very exposed sublittoral fringe bedrock A3.1111
IR.HIR.KFaR.AlaAnCrSp Alaria esculenta forest with dense anemones and crustose sponges on extremely exposed infralittoral bedrock A3.112
IR.MIR.KT.LdigT Laminaria digitata, ascidians and bryozoans on tide-swept sublittoral fringe rock A3.221
IR.HIR.KSed.SlatSac Saccharina latissima and/or Saccorhiza polyschides on exposed infralittoral rock A3.122
IR.LIR.KVS.SlatPsaVS Saccharina latissima and Psammechinus miliaris on variable salinity grazed infralittoral rock A3.322
SS.SMp.KSwSS.SlatR.Gv Saccharina latissima and robust red algae on infralittoral gravel and pebble A5.5212
SS.SMp.KSwSS.SlatR.Sa Saccharina latissima and filamentous red algae on infralittoral sand A5.5213
SS.SMp.KSwSS.SlatR.Mu Saccharina latissima with red and brown seaweeds on lower infralittoral muddy mixed sediment A5.5214
SS.SMp.KSwSS.SlatCho Saccharina latissima and Chorda filum on sheltered upper infralittoral muddy sediment A5.522
SS.SMp.KSwSS.SlatGraFS Saccharina latissima, Gracilaria gracilis and brown seaweeds on full salinity infralittoral sediment A5.524
SS.SMp.KSwSS.SlatGraVS Saccharina latissima and Gracilaria gracilis with sponges and ascidians on variable salinity infralittoral sediment A5.525
IR.HIR.KSed.Sac Saccorhiza polyschides and other opportunistic kelps on disturbed sublittoral fringe rock A3.121
IR.MIR.KT.XKT Mixed kelp with foliose red seaweeds, sponges and ascidians on sheltered tide-swept infralittoral rock A3.222
IR.MIR.KT.XKTX Mixed kelp and red seaweeds on infralittoral boulders, cobbles and gravel in tidal rapids A3.223
IR.HIR.KSed.XKHal Halidrys siliquosa and mixed kelps on tide-swept infralittoral rock with coarse sediment A3.126
CR.HCR.FaT.CTub.Adig  Alcyonium digitatum with dense Tubularia indivisa and anemones on strongly tide-swept circalittoral rock A4.1122
CR.MCR.EcCr.CarSp.Bri Brittlestars overlying coralline crusts, Parasmittina trispinosa and Caryophyllia (Caryophyllia) smithii on wave-exposed circalittoral rock A4.2121
CR.MCR.EcCr.CarSp.PenPcom Caryophyllia (Caryophyllia) smithii and sponges with Pentapora foliacea, Porella compressa and crustose communities on wave-exposed circalittoral rock A4.2122
CR.MCR.EcCr.FaAlCr.Car Caryophyllia (Caryophyllia) smithii with faunal and algal crusts on moderately wave-exposed circalittoral rock A4.2146
CR.MCR.EcCr.FaAlCr.Adig Alcyonium digitatum, Spirobranchus triqueter, algal and bryozoan crusts on wave-exposed circalittoral rock A4.2142
CR.MCR.EcCr.FaAlCr.Sec Alcyonium digitatum with Securiflustra securifrons on tide-swept moderately wave-exposed circalittoral rock A4.2143
CR.MCR.EcCr.AdigVt Alcyonium digitatum and faunal crust communities on vertical circalittoral bedrock A4.215
CR.MCR.CSab.Sspi.As Sabellaria spinulosa, didemnids and other small ascidians on tide-swept moderately wave-exposed circalittoral rock A4.2212