Sea squirts, fish, reptiles, birds and mammals (Chordata)

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Species List

[Show more]Lampreys (Petromyzonti) 2

[Show more]Lancelets (Leptocardii) 1

[Show more]Sea squirts (Ascidiacea) 24

[Show more]Hag fish (Myxini) 1

[Show more]Sharks, rays and skates (Elasmobranchii) 25

[Show more]Ray-finned fish, e.g. sturgeon, eels, fin fish, gobies, blennies, and seahorses (Actinopterygii) 118

[Show more]Reptiles, e.g. turtles and crocodiles (Reptilia) 15

[Show more]Seals, walrus, dolphin and whales (Mammalia) 32